How to write a bachelor’s thesis / engineering

In US, the PhD degree is given to a person who holds a professional master’s degree, a master’s degree in engineering, a doctor or other equivalent, passed doctoral examinations and defended a doctoral dissertation. The doctoral degree is awarded only by those faculties of higher education institutions and scientific institutions that have the power to broadcast.

One of the most important factors influencing the doctoral degree is writing and then defending a doctoral thesis, also referred to as a dissertation.

In the case of this type of work, it is expected that it will contain original author’s results, bringing important new content to the development of a given scientific field. A doctoral dissertation in the form of a dissertation is written under the control and with the help of a supervisor (as opposed to the habilitation thesis, which is created independently).

After passing the exams and defending the doctoral dissertation, there is a formal doctoral voucher with the participation of the dean, during which the diplomas are usually held.

How does the doctoral vows work?

Persons who have been awarded the academic title of doctorate by the university, submit a doctoral oath. The text of the oath, not only doctoral but also academic, is usually included in the statutes of a given university.

Doctoral oaths, often also known as doctoral oaths, take place after successful examination, at a solemn assembly chaired by the dean of a high school. During the oath, doctoral students must undertake that:

  • firstly, the university, which gave them the honorary doctorate, will be kept in grateful memory, and if possible and strength, will support its development and protect its good name,
  • secondly, that they will always keep this impeccable dignity that they have obtained, never demeaning it with any unworthy act,
  • thirdly, that they will eagerly and eagerly carry out scientific research in their scientific fields, not out of a desire to enrich themselves or achieve fame, but in order to spread the truth.

Doctoral students vow and vow according to their conviction, and then the dean gives them honors that they want to receive.