Editorial requirements of the diploma thesis

Where to look for them?

The subject of the evaluation of each diploma thesis is its formal side, and this means that when writing it, the student should strictly observe the set editorial requirements. The guidelines and rules for writing a diploma thesis result primarily from the regulations of the university studies and there they should be sought.

The diploma thesis should essentially consist of chapters and sub-chapters. Main chapters should be started from the new page. It is very important that all chapters are long enough (the chapter can not count, for example, half a page). It’s also important to make sure that the whole is evenly expanded (not so that one chapter has fifteen pages, and another only two).

The editorial requirements of the diploma thesis are specified, among others language requirements. A desirable characteristic of any work, not only a master’s or bachelor’s degree, is correct language, appropriate style, observance of grammar and punctuation rules. The text conveyed to the reader should be communicative and transparent, and the sentences should be understandable and rather short. Doubts about spelling and grammar are best solved using English language dictionaries.

The most commonly used formal editorial requirements

The editorial requirements of the diploma thesis concern not only the content, but also elements such as title page, introduction, bibliography, etc. No rules, however, regulate the size of the work. The basic requirement is a comprehensive elaboration of the subject. Depending on the field of science, the diploma thesis can count from a dozen or so (mathematics, physics) to several dozen or even over a hundred pages (history, economics, etc.).

According to the majority of university study regulations, the typescript of the diploma thesis should meet the following requirements:

  • A4 sheet format (written on one side),
  • font: Calibri or Times New Roman,
  • basic font size: 12 points,
  • line spacing: 1.5 lines,
  • adjusting (text alignment to both margins),
  • indented paragraphs
  • numbered pages (the number should be at the bottom of the page).

If we do not know exactly whether the diploma thesis prepared by us is correct in terms of language, spelling and grammar, professional editorial help may turn out to be a good solution.